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Join our fight against unfair medical practice done by
unauthorized, illegal and unfair means.

Different types of unfair medical practices:-

  • Chemists give medicines to patients without prescriptions.
  • Unauthorized, unqualified persons show and work as allopathic doctors.
  • People run lab without doctors supervision.
  • People do surgical and medical procedures without doctors supervision.
  • ...and a lot more.
We wish to stop this by legal court cases, complains in police and health departments and patient education.

We need your suggestion and input.

What kind of illegal medical activities you have witnessed?

How can we stop such activities?

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What is the harm caused by such activities?

Patients get poor medical treatment.

Unqualified person have no knowledge of allopathy practice. Many a times they provide very wrong treatments. Patients suffer many a times. Patients face life threatening consequences many a times. .

Real doctors work more and earn less

Unqualified persons are taking away jobs, patients and revenues from doctors resulting in revenue loss, loss of job opportunities and loss of career growth.

Government and Insurance companies pay less.

Government and insurance companies put a lot of pressure on real doctors and are not able to control those who do illegal and unfair practices thus leading to more corruption. Continuously costs paid for medical services are reduced to very low prices by goverment heath departments and medical insurance companies. At these very low prices its really very diifcult to provide good quality medical services.

Many such issues are making allopathic medicine practice a very stressful, low paying and risky.

What is the solution

We wish to find out solution from some of these problems by taking up legal cases, putting video, TV and social media messages, giving inputs to various government agencies, complaining to police and health departments. We need your help for all this to happen.